Cremation Pricing

Funeral Services

Funeral Service – includes arrangements with the family, completing all required documents, registrations and conducting the Funeral Service$2,860.00

Mortuary Fee

Storage of the body prior to cremationNo charge


prices range from $1,450.00 to $2,200.00
Cremation with service$1,320.00
Cremation without service$1,110.00
Transfer into our care within a 50 km radius$275.00
Transfer into our care outside 50 kmby arrangement
Floral Arrangements$220.00 – $500.00
Death Certificate$85.00
Doctor’s Cremation Certificates$264.00

Church Fees

Clergy$200.00 – $300.00
Church Hire $50.00 – $100.00


Local Paper$100.00

Care and preparation of the body for a dressing


Care and preparation of the body for a viewing


Additional Costs

Travel to Baradine / Binnaway for funeral$275.00
A.H. & Public Holiday Surcharge$330.00

PrePaid Funerals / Funeral Bonds

Administration Cost$300.00

All prices are GST Inclusive


Our mortuary is located on our premises at 6 Harper St Coonabarabran NSW 2357. This facility is owned by Castlereagh Funerals & Monuments P/L.

The crematorium we use is Lightfoot Funerals Gunnedah and is located at Lot 10 Wandobah Rd Gunnedah NSW 2380, managed by Michelle Brooks.

We can use other crematoriums at the family’s request.

Transportation of the deceased for cremation will be in a suitable vehicle owned by Castlereagh Funerals & Monuments P/L.

The transfer of your loved one into our care when outside the 50km radius of our funeral home may require the services of an accredited mortuary transfer company.

The deceased will be kept in our mortuary and will only be transported for the purpose of cremation as per final agreement.

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